Outstanding Assignments

The following assignments should be handed in by now.  These sheets need to be handed in by Friday, October 8th. 

Lesson 1 worksheet
Lesson 2 worksheet
1.1/1.2/1.3 review sheet

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Extra Practice, Unit 1, Lesson 2


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Homework, Tuesday, Sept 21st

Today’s assignment –

Pages 14-15, #s 1, 4, 5, 6

Please use the worksheet handed out for number 5.  This sheet is to be handed in for marks.  WORKSHEET

This is all due for class on Friday.  The worksheet should be handed in by that time.

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Unit 1 – Lesson 1

Extra Practice Sheet. (Printable PDF)

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Homework – Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today’s assignment was Page 8-10 (from the textbook).  Questions 1-10. Have questions 1-5 done for tomorrow.  The 2 column chart that we used for the example questions can be printed here.  CHART

Please remember that question 7 is done with the sheet entitled “Step-by-step 1”, and is to be handed in for marks.  Here is a printable version of the page for question 7.  HANDOUT

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Homework, September 8th

Please write me a short letter about you.  Tell me about you, your interests, what you like and don’t like.  Please tell me how you feel about math – What parts do you like?  Are there any parts you like?  What do you find most difficult?  Tell me what you think I need to know.

Please have this letter finished for Friday’s class.


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Course Outline

Grade 6 Math 

Mrs. P. Laurie


 The grade 6 math course is split into four strands:

  1. Number
  2. Patterns and Relations
  3. Shape and Space
  4. Statistics and Probability

 The strands will not be explored as a continuous unit.  They will be explored throughout the year, during a variety of units.

We will be following the Math Makes Sense textbook, as well as using a variety of other resources. We will be working through the textbook in order.

Marks Determination

Final Exam 30%

Assignments/Tests 70%

  • Daily Math 5%
  • Homework 5%
  • Journal 10%
  • Hand-in assignments 40%
  • Unit Reviews 20%
  • Unit tests 20%

 Daily Math 5%

Starting mid-way through September, each student will be given a book for daily math review.  Students are expected to complete the daily math at the beginning of each math class.  They will be given a few minutes at the start of class to complete the daily page.  If students miss a day, they are expected to catch up on the missed pages.  These books must remain in the school.  Periodically I will check completion on the books – the grade for this section will be based, not on correct answers, but attempts to complete the questions, and completion of the book. 

Homework Math 5%

Students will be given class time to work on practice assignments.  However, sometimes work will need to be completed at home.  Each day, I will check the completion of homework.  This is simply a homework check, not a check for accuracy.  We will go over questions in class, and the answers are in the back of the textbook.  Checking homework is to determine that students are doing the work, and have attempted the questions.  Grades for this section will be based on simply doing the work.

Journal 10%

Students will be given a journaling assignment for math class.  The assignment will involve them reflecting on where they see math in their daily lives, and how the math was used.  The students will be given a more detailed assignment sheet along with grading rubric and deadlines for submissions.  The journals are to be a full year project, and there will be deadlines for submission throughout the year.

Hand-in Assignments 40%

During units, students will be given assignments which are to be handed-in.  The purpose of these assignments is to allow me to check on progress of the students, as well as determine any areas necessary for review.  These assignments will be graded for accuracy, but partial marks will be given for work shown when the answer is incorrect.

Unit Reviews 20%

Each unit will have a complete unit review assignment that students will be expected to hand in for grading.

Unit Tests  20%

There will be a tests at the end of each unit.  Students will be given plenty of notice as to the date of tests, as well as review assignments, and class time for review in order to prepare.  If a test is missed, arrangements must be made within one week of the test date to write the exam. 

Classroom Expectations

  1. Show respect for everyone in the classroom.
  2. Show respect for the space and equipment in the classroom.
  3. Arrive at class with all materials needed for class.  Please remember to use the washroom during breaks so that class time can be used for what it’s intended.
  4. Make arrangements to get caught up on any assignments you miss.  Missing classes will hurt your grade if you fail to catch up on missed assignments.  Missed assignments can be found on the class blog, or by checking the missed assignments folder in the classroom.
  5. Food or drink will not be allowed in the classroom.  Please use breaks for this purpose.  If you choose to bring food and drink to class, be prepared to lose them.
  6. iPods/mp3 players will be allowed when students are working on individual assignments.  Devices shall not be used during teaching time.  Music shall be school appropriate, and kept at a volume that is not disturbing to others.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in the device being confiscated.

PDF Version

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